Dave Stamboulis Photography


Dave's travel photography is a way of preserving memories and moments and also bridging the gap between guest and host. His photographs allow him to retain the emotions, experiences, and even the exact sounds, tastes, and impressions made at the time while traveling. While his favorite subjects are portraits of life in the developing world, he is also a lover of big wild open spaces, or places of immense grandeur, like the Himalayas, deserts of Africa, or Mongolian steppe.

Dave Stamboulis Landscapes photos
Landscapes: From the Himalayas to Sahara, big open spaces give time for the photographer to watch, wait, and marvel
Dave Stamboulis Portraits of people
People: Sources of endless kindnesses; Portraits of human life in the developing world are the essence of travel
Dave Stamboulis Festivals photos
Festivals: The spontaneous joy of celebrations is a photographer's delight
Dave Stamboulis wildlife photos
Wildlife: From the biggest to the smallest, the vast array of wild animals, insects, and bird life makes for astounding subjects
Dave Stamboulis photos taken in urban places
Urban: City life features plenty of frantic energy, architectural marvels, and an endless bounty of subject material

Special Destinations: Hard to reach, remote, and open spaces afford some of the best in travel photography

Photos and Stories Appear On:

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